Oct. 25th, 2009

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We (the husband, [livejournal.com profile] stevejam and I ) went to a Halloween party last night in the city. The theme was 80s movies, so in honor of John Hughes, J& I went as Claire (Molly Ringwald) and Bender (Judd Nelson) from the Breakfast Club. J doesn't care for costuming, but a ripped flannel and a bandanna were within his scope of do-ability, so we went with it. Steve went as a character from Red Dawn. In all honesty, I don't think I've actually been to a Halloween party in YEARS. We planned our arrival for a bit after the official start time, but still managed to be among the first few guests there.

I played Rock Band for the first time, with a group of people who were mostly too young to know the songs Suffragette City or Piece Of My Heart (*facepalm*) Fortunately, Sandra knew the songs, so we happily sang badly together. We had a really good time, but we are getting old, so by 12:30 we were on the road back home. I planned to take lots of pictures, but as usual, after taking a few, I set my camera down and forgot about it, so missed documenting some of the more clever costumes. I wish I'd gotten some of Andy R, who was dressed adorably as a hillbilly, and Josh, who was Rowdy Roddy Piper (I was proud of myself for figuring that one out relatively quickly.)

Despite the fact that I didn't drink at all, I woke up this morning with yet another killer headache. I am blaming all the recent headache activity on the lump in my neck that allegedly isn't there. Boo hiss.

Assuming the ibuprofen kicks in pretty soon, today will be devoted to making jewelry and straightening up the dining room, with laundry in the background.

I am such a party animal.

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