Nov. 1st, 2009

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I have no idea whether I'm doing NaBloPoMo (sometimes known here as NaNoBloMe)  - I suppose I'll figure that out if I post every day in November, huh?

Last night was fun - a last-minute decision to go to a party over at Bones' & Coach's house. We were told masks were required, so J dug out his father's gas mask and wore that with his regular clothes. I donned a sequined domino mask under a black veil and top hat and went as... I dunno... something spooky dressed in black. If anyone got photos, I'll post them. I left my own camera at home in my purse, which I packed carefully then completely forgot. We had a very nice time, mostly just chatting and snacking. I got to visit my godkitten, Tamlin, who is super friendly and lovey-dovey and loads of fun. I drank coffee rather too late in the evening, though, and had a hard time sleeping last night. 

Today I went up to The Aunts' place to continue the dispersal of Aunt #1's (P) stuff. Aunt #2 (B) is still among the living, and she wants P's stuff OUT,  and some of her own stuff, too, since she thinks she will probably sell the house and move to Arizona in a year or so.  Both aunts were hoarders, and they had twenty some years to fill that house with....stuff.  I'm sort of in charge of figuring out who gets what, though I am deferring to the brothers (who are her actual relatives; I married in) when anything matters to them. I did snag a few things nifty things though for me and mine. A 35mm Canon camera with all sorts of doohickeys and geegaws, that one day I will try to figure out. I took that because many years ago, P offered it to me, then promptly forgot about it. B didn't even know this camera existed; I found it under a shelving unit in the wayback of P's closet. I also got a couple of old purses, and some driving gloves that FIT me (I have small hands, so did P.) A big leather butterfly chair and matching footstool for my girl,  what appears to be THREE Atari systems for my husband (correction, he says one is a Sega, the other two are Ataris) and a bunch of games that go with it/them.  Also started in on the boxes in the basement, which have not been looked at in probably 20 years. I brought home two boxes of Jasperware china, some little shelves and plant stands, a box containing some old needlepoint pillows, and the treasure trove: Grandma's scrapbooks, diaries. letters and photos. Amazing - Grandma Ethel was quite a documenter of things, and kept all kinds of little souvenirs pasted in her albums. She also took the time to identify most of the people in the photos, and we've finally matched some names and initials that were confusing us. It appears, too, that the Hulls married the Hills at some point, so there are a few names we're still struggling with. But anyhow. We have some photos dating back to the 1890s! Oh, and I got a big box of Tinkertoys for my little friends Ellie and Alexander.

I also went through some books and grabbed a bunch on Buddhism for my daughter, and tons of short stories and poetry books for myself. My brother-in-law and I are at slight odds right now, as he has laid dibs to a chair I had already claimed. Actually, he wants TWO that I asked for, but I'm willing to give up the one without a fight. The other one, well, I really like it a lot. He doesn't, but it's the right size and style for his home. We're in negotiations now. If he puts up a fight, I'll let him take it, because it's not worth arguing about, but I DID find another chair that is more in his taste, which he had overlooked, and he's at least willing to take a look at it and consider a trade.

Th Aunts' house is dusty as hell and again, they've never thrown anything away, so I spent a large portion of the day indulging my OCD with frequent hand-washings. Gah. There are still ten boxes of china, crystal and assorted housewares in the basement to collect, plus a full set of Noritake china from an upstairs closet, PLUS a whole set of glass dishes we never saw before .. and B says she's not certain that's all the dishes yet.  And I put dibs on some small furnishings - a couple little tables and an etagere - that I did not feel up to transporting today.

After I finished packing the van, I realized I hadn't eaten all day. I didn't plan to spend that much time at the Aunts' place or I would have taken a break, but once I realized I was hungry, I was REALLY hungry. So I stopped on the way home at a Colonial and had an omelette. When I got home, Punkin helped me unpack the van, and J had the time of his life looking through his Grandma's papers and letters and photos and such.

Now I am exhausted, and going to crash at a reasonable hour.

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