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Birthdate:Dec 31
Website:mockingbird studio
Short. Loud. Kinda bossy. That about covers it.


OK, apparently the above wasn't enough for some people. So I will elaborate. I'm 44, and have no qualms or reservations about revealing my age. I'm married to a very nice man (code-named The WryGuy) have a wonderful teenage daughter (code-named Punkin). I have a Mastiff and three cats. I grew up in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. I don't watch television. I'm a jewelry designer/artist who works primarily in polymer clay, but also ventures out into other media on a fairly regular basis. I'm Pagan, political and pescatarian. I have attention deficit disorder, Hashimoto's disease, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, and I'm a synaesthete. (Look it up.) Someone once described me as "your everyday average new-agey tree-hugging goddess-worshipping bark-eating socialist hippie chick, cleverly disguised as a suburban soccer mom." Someone else described me as "an ambulatory Tesla coil." I am the world's klutziest bellydancer and a horrible singer; unfortunately for everyone else, I don't let little things like incompetence stop me. I have a mouth like a sailor. I am a Capricorn Dragon with Taurus rising - which should come as no surprise whatsoever to those who know me well. I am a Rennie, which means I am a geek. I don't care if people think that's weird, because I am having more fun than they are. Among my more bizarre talents: I can balance a full tankard of ale on my head.

My LJ is friends-locked, but I'm pretty friendly; drop me a comment and I'll let you in. Probably. Eventually.

Sometimes, I write, and when I do, it's usually at Intrepid Media. See the link below? Click it. Sign up while you're there (it's free, and I get credit for you.)

click here to visit intrepid media

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