Oct. 21st, 2009


Oct. 21st, 2009 12:55 am
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I haven't decided if I am keeping the LifeOnWry LJ, but this one will now be primary and probably more public - at least for awhile.
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I have no good reason for starting a new LJ, except I just kinda wanted to. I haven't been journaling much, spending a lot more time on Facebook, which allows me the illusion of keeping in touch with people without actually interacting with them in any but the most superficial way.

Lately I have been pretty much buried in medical stuff. Note please that I am not actually sick. Beyond a persistent aching neck and being vaguely tired all the time, I'm FINE.  My blood tests  and CT scans, however, say differently. So I will be going from specialist to specialist until someone figures out exactly what the deal is. If you're not already up to speed on this, I'm not going to go into excruciating, whiny detail. Suffice to say it looks like I have some auto-immune issues. In other words, my body is revolting (*snerk*)  I have blood work tomorrow morning, an appointment with an ear, nose and throat doc on Thursday, a mammogram next Wednesday, an appointment with the rheumatologist Thursday, and a follow-up with the neurologist I-forget-when.

In medical news not my own, my husband had foot surgery last week, to replace a joint in his foot that deteriorated beyond repair. He goes back to work tomorrow, but will be bandaged and booted for probably another two weeks.

Career-wise, I have been sorting and organizing more than creating, which drives me a little insane. I have not yet figured out how best to optimize my work space(s), so I spend entirely too much time walking from room to room, fetching things. I have clay in one room, jewelry stuff in another... but there is some considerable overlap, and there's too much of both to fit in one room. This doesn't even count the paper and fabric crafting stuff, which is mainly out of the way at the moment, but which I DO want to start using again. I have two shows coming up, and a probable third one that I am waiting to hear about. (PS: if you are a crafter and want a table, let me know. If you are a musician who can do holiday and/or folk music and would be willing to work for tips (and sell your CDs) let me know.) 

And, I am set to clean out my husband's Aunt Patt's place. She passed away about two months ago, and her roomie, Barb, is ready to pitch all Patt's crap. Much of it belonged to husband's grandmother once upon a time, so I get to sort and distribute it all.

I think you-all are up to date for the moment.
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Blood draw this AM. Now I have holes in both arms. I see the ENT tomorrow.

In other news, I am playing with a pile of old keys, buttons and broken vintage jewelry. I am restricted to polymer clay work at Bristol -- not that that's a bad thing, as it IS my preferred medium -- but I do a lot of work that ISN'T polymer clay, and I have three shows upcoming where my non-polymer work will be welcomed.

There's been some random tapping sounds coming from outside of the house lately. I thought something like a raccoon was trying to get in, but I sent the kid out to look today, and she found a slightly baffled woodpecker. We have cedar siding, so it's not impossible for there to be bugs, and if there are, I'd just as soon let the woodpecker have them.

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